The Scan-Sector radar is ideal for protecting corridors between buildings, perimeters and for monitoring driveways and roads for intruders.

Unlike beam-break products, Scan-Sector can be aimed outwards to detect beyond perimeters where it may not be possible to install sensors. It can also be mounted high up to see over fences and to prevent vandalism in hostile environments.

  • Up to 200m operating range
  • Sophisticated beam shape minimises creep zone underneath the unit
  • Can be mounted high to avoid vandalism
  • Compact design
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Slew to cue control of cameras
  • All weather operation

Scan-Sector utilises the same advanced technology as the Scan-360 radar but does not rotate giving it exceptionally high measurement rate staring in one direction making it impossible for even the fastest intruder to run and duck between cover without being detected. Upon detection the automatic slew to cue operation points any associated ONVIF cameras to point at the intruder.

The Scan-Sector radar uses a license-exempt 24GHz operating frequency that is free to use. It has good immunity to interference from air traffic control and marine radar systems, WiFi, wireless links and microwave ovens that typically use other operating frequencies.

  • Airport perimeter security
  • Prisons
  • Solar farm security
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Military base perimeter security
  • Industrial sites
  • Government secure site protection
  • Railway depots

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