Custom Design & Development

Custom Design & Development

Since 1993 we have been leading UK experts in the design and manufacture of innovative radio frequency (RF) and microwave wireless transmission and radar products. We are keen to work with you to develop new products that can utilise our technology and know-how.

Companies approach us to solve problems that require our technical expertise. After discussion of your requirement we will work with you to develop initial product concepts, specifications and budgetary costings before submitting a formal proposal prior to starting detailed design work. Where possible we use proven in-house technology to reduce risk and cost. We manufacture the equipment; controlling production processes and applying our quality assurance and cost engineering expertise to guarantee product conformance while minimising costs. Ogier remains the design authority to provide on-going support and long-term engineering resource to handle obsolescence issues throughout the life of the product.

Why choose Ogier?

We have a team of highly experienced staff and a fully equipped development lab. We have a proven track record of producing high performance solutions that are reliable, safe and with conservative design margins to ensure long operating life times. All of our products comply with national and international radio and safety regulations as applicable. Dealing with us is straightforward – we are run by engineers not bureaucrats.

Examples of custom design work

Broadband Wireless

We were approached to develop a system to make DOCSIS cable internet viable over the “last mile” where installing cable infrastructure was not economically feasible. We developed the DL10 point-to-multipoint broadband wireless product to work as a wireless “hop” using the 10.5 GHz licensed frequency band. DL10’s coaxial interface mimics a standard cable connection so normal DOCSIS cable modems can be used to simplify deployment. We set up, and oversaw a high-volume contract manufacturer to mass-produce the low-cost CPE. We also designed and manufactured the associated Base-stations and provided systems and network design guidance.

Track to train video transmission

For the London Underground Metropolitan, District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines we developed a safety-critical video transmission system to display real-time platform video camera footage to a display inside the driver’s cab. This highly robust system displays broadcast quality video to the driver without latency, freezing, ghosting or interference – in a complex transmission environment. The equipment has best in class picture quality and the lowest failure rate.

We have also developed and supplied bespoke solutions for the MTR in Hong Kong and for the new Ho Chi Min Urban Railway in Vietnam.

Point-to-point microwave links

For the British Army we produced robust long-range point-to-point video transmission equipment to meet a requirement from the UK Ministry of Defence. We designed and manufactured the equipment to be durable and rugged to cope with the operating environment and the expected rougher handling compared to standard commercial equipment.


  • Prototyping and product development labs, assembly and test departments
  • Calibrated RF test equipment for measuring frequency, amplitude, noise figure, phase noise, modulation parameters and return loss
  • Environmental test chambers for full temperature cycle testing
  • Mobile off-grid battery-powered test rig for field-testing of equipment.
  • In house experts for electronic, mechanical, PCB, antenna and firmware design
  • CAD software ranging from mechanical design to electromagnetic simulation


  • RF & microwave equipment design up to 60 GHz
  • Design of radars and associated signal processing for commercial applications
  • Design of safety related systems for railways and highways
  • Design of high-quality wireless transmission equipment to operate in any environment, including underground
  • Design, and commissioning of bespoke turnkey systems
  • Electronic printed circuit board (PCB) design
  • Antenna design
  • Embedded firmware and digital signal processing software
  • Mechanical design of components, sub-assemblies, cables and housings
  • Feasibility studies, system design studies and simulations
  • Field trials and trouble shooting
  • Through-life engineering and obsolesce management

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