CCTV Transmission

CCTV Transmission

NOTE: We no longer mass produce this equipment. Our CCTV transmission equipment is available only in low quantities for spares and repairs.

Our microwave transmission equipment has been used throughout the world, providing broadcast quality video over highly reliable microwave links that provide many years of service. We have supplied analogue, digital and hybrid systems utilising both fixed and mobile links, sometimes with different solutions performing different tasks within the same overall system, for example fixed analogue links and digital mobile links. Our equipment can be integrated with third party fibre or WiFi systems.

We are also experienced in the design of CCTV transmission networks and have implemented city wide systems as well as acted as prime contractor on large, multi city homeland security projects.

  • Zero latency analogue video transmission
  • Non line of sight digital video transmission
  • Broadcast quality video
  • Robust high availability systems

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