Ogier Electronics

Radar & Perimeter Protection Systems

We design and manufacture the Scan-360 low-cost ground surveillance radar product range to complement our CCTV portfolio. Our radar sensors utilise advanced microwave technology and digital signal processing to detect targets in all weather, both day and night.

The Scan-360 will automatically slew a PTZ camera to follow an intruder as well as provide target bearing and range data to trigger cause-and-effect responses from third party systems. The Scan-360 range is ideal for integration into homeland security and critical infrastructure protection security systems to provide area and perimeter protection.

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Security System Integration

We have been supplying microwave transmission elements for security since 1994 and in that time have acquired a great deal of experience in specifying and integrating the various elements that comprise a complete system.

Not only have we undertaken the system installation of CCTV cameras and Control Centres, we have also taken responsibility for complete systems including Mobile CCTV vehicles, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment and Facial Recognition systems.

We specialise in systems activities in which there is considerable communication element and where there is limited infrastructure, or where the infrastructure does not have the capacity to support any new requirements.

We have installed complete turnkey systems, including large National Homeland Surveillance Systems with over 400 CCTV cameras and over 150 ANPR cameras in 17 cities for which we are the Prime Contractor. Another example, in which we are the systems coordinator, is in one of the highest profile security systems of any city in the world, a complete system, including control room and ANPR in Kabul, Afghanistan.

We have also undertaken extensive studies and assessment work to compare alternate technologies for border and pipeline surveillance, including ground surveillance radar as well as other technologies.

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Mobile CCTV Command and Control Vehicle Capabilities

Ogier Electronics offer a vehicle installation service to provide wireless mobile control room capability to rapid deployment and emergency response vehicles.

Typically offering capacity for four cameras, fixed/PTZ or man carried, the vehicle contains all the equipment required to comfortably view and store video data in addition to the ability for onward real time transmission, at broadcast quality, to a local incident room or regional control centre via line-of-sight/non-line-of-sight microwave links or other transmission technology.

Finished to an extremely high standard each vehicle is provided fully tested and with full documentation pack ready to operate from point of delivery.

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“We believe that our military pedigree, together with our unrivalled experience in security systems integration, and extensive product portfolio puts us in a unique position to advise customers so that the best, most appropriate solutions can be specified.”