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Site Security Scan-360 Scan-Sector Scan-Integrated
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Stopped Vehicle Detection Track to Train CCTV Broadband Wireless Vehicle & Mobile CCTV CCTV Transmission Homeland Security Systems Custom Solutions
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Our Partners

We are establishing a network of distributors and resellers to support our customers world wide. Our partners provide the first line level of service and technical support to help you through all stages of procurement.


Avestech: Czech Republic, Slovakia

AVESTECH is the European leader in security field offering world-class security solutions. We develop sophisticated products delivering high value to customers through an international partner network. We place a great emphasis upon the environment protection as well as our reputation for probity and high standards. We are an innovative company that guarantees excellent product quality from Switzerland.



Axiom: Italy

Axiom are our official agents in Italy and should be the first point of contact.


Axiom have appointed the following distributors:
HDI locations: Parma, Arezzo, Pisa, Florence, Perugia.

Trolese locations: Padua, Verona, Bologna, Trento.


Efiks: Turkey

Efiks provides expert service for system selection and consulting, installation from infrastructure systems to turnkey projects, maintenance and support services. Efiks projects systems for the safety of remote and unmanned areas, difficult terrain, and even places without energy and communications infrastructure.



IPX360: Canada, USA

IPX360 Solutions Inc, is a value-added B2B supplier of specialised products and solutions in communications and video surveillance for fixed and mobile applications to clients in North America. IPX360's team of experts bring decades of experience and are able to provide fully integrated turn-key solutions.



Siteguard: South Africa

Site Guard specialize in the latest security technology solutions. Proactive solutions with off site monitoring from our Alarm Receiving Centrals is what differentiate us from the rest and keeping our client base safe. Combining all our solutions for the likes of Artificial Intelligent Software, Radar, CCTV, Electrical and Betafence we can monitor all your assets and keep your family safe.



Become a distributor

Please contact us to begin a discussion.


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