Ogier Electronics

Design and Development

We pride ourselves that all our equipment is at the forefront of technology and have features that provide distinct operational benefits to the user.

The CCTV links are one example where we pioneered the use of multichannel operation to reduce the cost and improve the reliability of free space transmission systems. Another example is the use of frequency and space diversity to provide broadcast quality transmission in complex underground railway environments. No other company has achieved this. In broadband wireless, we were the first company to produce a wireless system that is fully DOCSIS compatible to allow cable operators to extend the coverage of their systems using the standard management and control systems.

The same pioneering approach is being pursued today. In recent times we have worked with, and for, one of the world's largest Satellite TV providers, a major cellular phone network provider and a leading ISP provider in assessing the application of advanced communications technologies to their operations.

Such products include ultra low interference systems, adaptive beam antennas and integrated camera and sensor solutions. This is In addition to our continuing work in driving down the cost of high frequency systems to enable them to be used in applications where low price is an important consideration.

If you have requirements in which we may be able to help, we would be delighted to talk to you. Please do not hesitate to contract us through the Contact Us page or directly by phone.