Ogier Electronics

Case Study 1 - Nigeria

Ogier Electronics have provided a rapid deployment camera transmission network and mobile CCTV unit for the Nigerian State Security in Abuja, Nigeria. The original brief required a complete flexible wireless system that enabled PTZ cameras to be deployed in locations around the city where surveillance would provide an active deterrent to street crime.

Working with camera suppliers and vehicle installation specialists Ogier provided a complete functioning wireless system in December 2012 that is continuing to provide broadcast quality video from locations around the city.

Although not as complex as the National Homeland Surveillance System in Libya that involves over 400 CCTV cameras and over 150 ANPR cameras in 17 cities the system in Abuja uses COFDM transmission equipment to achieve ranges from cameras to collecting points of over 3km non line of sight and licenced fixed backhaul links.

We are continuing to look at project enhancements, including body mounted cameras for police, fire and other emergency services in Nigeria, these system compliment the existing systems and ensure that return on investment is maximised by small additional costs for additional channels to the existing infrastructure.

We believe that our military pedigree together with our unrivalled experience in security systems integration puts us in a unique position to advise customers so that the best, most appropriate solutions can be specified.

Every project we undertake is treated individually thus ensuring solutions exactly match the demanding project specifications of our customers. In some cases:

  • We take full turnkey responsibility by specifying, installing, commissioning and supporting all the elements of the system
  • We are the Systems Co-ordinator in which we work for the Prime Contractor as the Systems Integrator
  • We specify the equipment, with a local partner undertaking the installation
  • We supply just the microwave elements of the system but advise the Prime Contractor or the Customer on the different options for the other elements

If you have requirements in which we may be able to help, we would be delighted to talk to you. Please do not hesitate to contract us through the Contact Us page or directly by phone.