Ogier Electronics

CCTV Systems

Widest Range of Products

Ogier Electronics offers the widest range of microwave transmission solutions for CCTV applications, more than that of any other company in the world. The product range covers:

  • Analogue and digital equipment
  • Ethernet I/P Links
  • Fixed and mobile systems
  • Single and multichannel links
  • Point to point and point to multi-point
  • Stand alone systems or fully integrated

This extensive range allows us to provide the optimum solution to our customers rather than compromising on the operational requirements by limiting the choice of equipment.

We have supplied all the above configurations, sometimes with different solutions performing different tasks within the same overall system, e.g. analogue transmission for fixed links and digital for mobiles. Equally, we have provided systems with fibre optic or Wi-Fi equipments from other manufacturers integrated with our own transmission elements.

As a result we believe that we are uniquely placed to provide solutions that exactly match our customers' specific requirements.

Analogue and Digital

Our analogue equipment provides the highest possible video quality with no latency. They are truly real-time. All our links carry one or two way telemetry channels for camera control purposes. They can be supplied with modules compatible with the data protocols used in all the major CCTV control systems.

Our digital video links provide broadcast quality by using the Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial standard, similar to that employed by the world's TV broadcasters. They have the lowest possible latency consistent with the need for compression and decompression processing.

Because all our fixed analogue and digital links have the ability to operate in the licenced or protected bands, we can guarantee interference free operation.

Highest Reliability

Reliability is our foremost priority. All our equipment is designed to the highest professional standards and has been proven for operation in the harshest and in the most rugged of environments. Both military and commercial customers use the same systems.

Careful attention to detail allows the equipment to be used with the highest reliability in some of the hottest to some of the coldest places in the world. It is fully qualified for operation down to 20°C and up to +70°C, and if required, beyond these extremes.

The equipment is subjected to an on-going continuous Reliability Growth programme, a part of which is 100% environmental testing involving temperature cycling during production.