Ogier Electronics

Single Channel Links

There are several Single Channel link options for analogue video and Ethernet applications.


The SuperCompact comprises a complete transmitter / receiver and antenna in a single unit at each end of the link. It operates in the licenced 31 GHz band, which ensures that the transmission will always be interference free. The equipment has an in-built signal strength indicator for initial alignment, built-in test facilities and remote fault monitoring.

In Europe the SuperCompact transmits video and bi-directional data at ranges of up to 7 km. In the Middle East, where there is less rainfall, the maximum range can be up to 10 km.

Ethernet SuperCompact

The digital data version of the SuperCompact provides Ethernet data rates of up to 50 Mbps over transmission range of up to 8 km. Single hop or multiple repeat configurations are possible.

Ethernet channels can also be installed in our Multichannel Links. Please contact us to discuss project specific requirements.


These units operate within the licence free 58 GHz band, which effectively provides interference immune transmission over short ranges of 600 metres to 1 km due to the high frequencies, narrow beam-widths and uncluttered spectrum.

Like the SuperCompact, all the electronics is contained in a single enclosure at each end of the link. In this case a camera style housing is employed.

Split Configuration

The Split Configuration link is able to provide an effective solution when the longest possible range is required on line of sight paths. It comprises a Transceiver and a Base Unit at each end of the link.

The range in all weathers is 25 km at 31 GHz and 100 km or more at 5 GHz. Single or dual channel video streams together with bi-directional data can be transmitted.