Ogier Electronics

Multichannel Links

The Multichannel link is unique to Ogier Electronics. It can transmit up to 19 real-time, full resolution video channels together with data and audio. Because of this, it is cheaper and easier to install than multiple conventional microwave links. The capacity of the equipment can be increased in service, generally by the addition of plug-in modules.

The equipment is designed for use when multiple video streams need to be transmitted simultaneously over the same path.

A typical application is when several cameras are co-located in a region of a city from which there is no direct path to the Control Centre. In this case Single Channel links transmit to a common Collecting Point from where a Multichannel link transmits to the Control Centre.

As with all our CCTV equipment, the Multichannels can transmit two-way telemetry using all the major protocols, but in addition, it can transmit audio and high speed Ethernet as well.

The range of the 31 GHz equipment is up to 10 km, whereas the long range 5 GHz equipment can transmit up to 80 km.

When there are up to 10 channels, two units are required at each end of the link. A transmit transceiver and a modulator cabinet are installed at the camera end, with a receive transceiver and a demodulator cabinet at the control centre end. The configuration is replicated when more than 10 channels require transmission.

The equipment is quick and easy to install. Two coax cables interconnect the units at either end. All the other external cables terminate in the equipment cabinets.