Ogier Electronics Mobile Communications

Mobile Links

The Mobile-T is specifically designed for mobile and transportable applications when there is no clear line of sight from the camera to the Control Centre. The equipment provides broadcast levels of video quality by using the Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial (DVB-T) standard with 2,000 carrier OFDM modulation. This enables the Mobile-T to provide the ultimate in transmission integrity in a completely portable package.

The equipment is designed for harsh environments. When fitted to emergency vehicles it can be used to provide near real time video to commanders in the Control Centre. Man pack versions are also available that transmit from hand held cameras to command vehicles. In addition, the system can be used in transportable applications when surveillance is required for a short period to cover specific threats or incidents, or even for sporting or other special events.

The ranges of the man portable equipment are 0.3 to 3 km depending on the line of sight conditions, and 3 to 30 km for vehicle mounted equipment.

A particularly important feature of the Mobile-T is that it can be fully integrated with our static fixed link system to provide citywide coverage using a common infrastructure for both the static and the mobile cameras. In this way continuous coverage can be provided wherever the vehicles are in the city. As the vehicles move from one area to another, the system automatically switches from one collecting point to another. The automatic signal acquisition and handover facility means that the operators can concentrate on their mission, not on operating the equipment. To the best of our knowledge no other company can offer this capability.

The maximum range can be extended to 80 km by relaying the signals from up to 19 co-located vehicles, all transmitting simultaneously.