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Broadband Wireless

The DL10 operates in the 10.5 GHz frequency band and achieves data rates up to 10 Mbps over ranges up to 10 km. It offers a cost effective solution for rural areas where ADSL or cable is neither available nor financially viable.

The system interfaces directly to Data-Over-Cable-Service-Interface-Specification (DOCSIS) equipment. This is the de facto world standard for IP cable systems and requires no proprietary hardware. As a result it allows operators the maximum flexibility in the choice of equipment manufacturers' and suppliers.

The key features of the system are:

  • Licenced band for interference free operation
  • Compatible with the DOCSIS open standard, with many millions of users worldwide
  • With partners we can offer full turnkey solutions
  • Scalable to high capacity in excess of 800 Mbps per Base Station
  • Low cost CPEs for residential and SMEs
  • Full Network Management, QoS, VPN and other services from major manufacturers
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi for local operation
  • Backhaul and last mile transmission uses same equipment to simplify network design
  • Simple and straightforward installation with no set up or adjustment

Systems have been in operation since 1999 with major cable operators in Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Ukraine, Spain and Ireland.

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