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Base Station

The base station simply requires a router, an up-converter and a wireless transceiver with its integrated antenna and a power supply unit.

A single transceiver covers a 90-degree sector. Thus four transceivers will be required to provide full 360-degree coverage. Multiple transceivers can be installed in any given sector if the capacity requirements are high in a particular direction.

Conversely, in rural areas where the capacity requirements can be lower, a single transceiver can be used in a slave/master hub configuration to feed two sectors. In this way only two transceivers are required for the full azimuth coverage.

A single router can provide the data processing for up to 8 transceivers serving up to 7,000 subscribers.

Subscriber Equipment

The standard DOCSIS CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) comprises a wireless module and a wall plug power supply.

The wireless modules are designed for all weather operation on standard wall mount installations.

Line of sight is required to the base station. The alignment can usually be performed by eye in all but the most critical cases.

System Safety

There are no radiation hazards to subscribers. The radiated power is measured at 2,000 times lower than the latest safety specification limits for this class of equipment.

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