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Only in exceptional circumstances will there be a line of sight from the base station to all the subscribers. Even if the terrain is flat, buildings and trees can obscure the signal. Typically there is often only a 60% probability of a line of sight.

Repeaters can be utilised to overcome this limitation by providing overlapping coverage from several base stations.

Single Units Feed Multiple Users

The inherent flexibility of the system is illustrated in multiple dwelling units where a number of options are possible.

A separate self-contained system can be supplied for each dwelling. Alternatively, a single wireless can feed a separate modem for each subscriber without any loss of capability from a stand-alone system.

Yet another option is to feed an Ethernet output from the Cable Modem through a switch to all the users. In this case however the total data rate will have to be shared by all the users.

Ranges up to 25 km

Fitting a larger external antenna to the subscriber units can increase the range of the system. For example a larger 60 cm antenna option increases the range up to 25 km whilst maintaining 99.99% availability, even under worst-case northern European conditions.

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