Welcome to Ogier Electronics Limited

Ogier Electronics has designed and manufactured professional microwave transmission solutions since 1993.
With a long history in systems design within the defence industry, our engineering background allows us to deliver a
wealth of proven design and engineering expertise to our customers.
We continue to pioneer new technologies to provide innovative and robust solutions across a wide range of video and
data communications applications.

Railway Systems

Track to Train communications for safety critical applications.
Transmits platform CCTV to train driver's cab for Driver Only Operation (DOO) railways.
In use since 2001 with proven high reliability.
Designed to work on surface and underground railways.
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Security Systems

Site protection using radar technology, from full 360-degree area coverage to long-narrow perimeters.
Sophisticated digital signal processing gives high detection rate.
Microwave technology works day & night, in all weather.
Integration with IP networks and CCTV & alarm systems.
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Broadband Wireless

Long-range wireless internet connectivity for urban & rural areas.
High data rates over many kilometres using DOCSIS technology.
Systems have been in operation since 1999 with major cable operators in Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Ukraine, Spain & Ireland.
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CCTV Transmission

Our legacy range of broadcast-quality real-time analogue CCTV tranmsission equipment is used throughout the world.
Our mobile systems use robust DVB-T technology that doesn't require line-of-sight.
We are experts in the bespoke design of large wireless systems, including national homeland security, multi-city systems and mobile command centres.
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